President Donald Trump Accuses Adam Schiff Of Trying To Block Bernie Sanders Nomination By Leaking Russia Report

President Trump has made the claim that Adam Schiff leaked information from the Intel briefing in order to hurt Bernie's campaign by tying him in with Russia, the same way they tried to tie Trump together with them. During the briefing it came out that Russia was trying to help Bernie win the Democratic nomination.

Adam Schiff is a notorious leaker and it would be no surprise if he leaked this time, too. Especially when you consider the story appeared in the Washington Post, Schiff's main choice for leaking information. The leak also claimed that Russia is trying to get Trump reelected. That turned out to be a lie, another hallmark of a Schiff leak.

The president says he thinks Schiff leaked the information to damage Bernie's campaign. It is no secret that many Democrats think Bernie would not only give Trump a second term but could hand the House back to the Republicans. They would like nothing more than for his campaign to implode.

Trump said:

“Intelligence never told me, and we have a couple people here that would know very well. They never told me anything about that, and it was sort of a strange thing that they went to Bernie.”

“I think it was leaks from the intelligence committee. And I think that they leaked it. I think probably Schiff leaked it but some people leaked it — Schiff leaked it, in my opinion. And he shouldn’t be leaking things like that.”

From The Daily Caller

President Donald Trump told reporters at his Tuesday press conference in New Delhi, India, that Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, specifically Chairman Adam Schiff, leaked the reports involving alleged election interference by Russia on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign.

Trump noted, as first reported by the Washington Post, that Sanders was briefed on Russia’s efforts by U.S. intelligence officials, but “they did not tell me.”

The president echoed claims he has made recently on Twitter, specifically that the Democratic establishment is working to block Sanders from receiving the party nomination.

“Bernie is probably winning and looks like he is winning, and he’s got a head of steam, and they maybe don’t want him for obvious reasons,” he told the reporters. “They don’t want him, so they put out a thing that Russia is backing him. This is what they do.”



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