President Donald Trump Accuses Adam Schiff Of Trying To Block Bernie Sanders Nomination By Leaking Russia Report

President Trump has accused serial leaker Adam Schiff of leaking information from an intelligence briefing about the fact that Russia was trying to help Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination. This is the same thing they tried and failed to pull on President Trump. The Democrats are trying their best to derail the Sanders' campaign for fear of massive losses in November.

President Trump did not furnish any proof, but if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and squawks like a duck....Well, you know the rest. CNN once ran a story on the testimony of Don Trump Jr. WHILE HE WAS STILL TESTIFYING!!!!! By a strange coincidence, Adam Schiff had left the hearing room at that same time. And the WaPo and CNN have always been his go to media outlets for his leaks.

Trump said:

“Intelligence never told me, and we have a couple people here that would know very well. They never told me anything about that, and it was sort of a strange thing that they went to Bernie.”

“And frankly, I think it’s disgraceful.”

“I think it was leaks from the intelligence committee. And I think that they leaked it. I think probably Schiff leaked it but some people leaked it — Schiff leaked it, in my opinion. And he shouldn’t be leaking things like that.”

From The Daily Caller

The president echoed claims he has made recently on Twitter, specifically that the Democratic establishment is working to block Sanders from receiving the party nomination.

“Bernie is probably winning and looks like he is winning, and he’s got a head of steam, and they maybe don’t want him for obvious reasons,” he told the reporters. “They don’t want him, so they put out a thing that Russia is backing him. This is what they do.”

Later in the briefing, Trump responded to a question asking him to pledge to the American people that he would not accept election interference on his behalf from foreign actors.

“First of all I want no help from any country,” he stated. “And I haven’t been given help from any country.”

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