Rashida Tlaib Expresses Support For Palestinian Terrorist Who Tried To Kill Israeli Soldiers [VIDEO]

Rashida Tlaib adds diversity to the US House of Representatives. All other members are Americans. But since she has been in congress she has headed up the Palestinian Terrorist Caucus. She is at it again. She has expressed support for a Palestinian terrorist who tried to run down an Israeli soldier at a border checkpoint.

Tlaib retweeted for posts that condemned the killing of the Palestinian terrorist, Ahmad Erekat, 27, on June 23 after he drove his car into the checkpoint hitting the Israeli soldier. He then jumped out of his car and tried to run away. Erekat is the nephew of Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).


Rutgers assistant professor Noura Erakat in an interview with Democracy Now claimed that Ahmad was just on his way to pick up his sister for a wedding when he became confused. I guess he mistook the soldier for the highway. Watch the video again and notice how his car edged to the left before he hit the gas and made a sharp right turn. It certainly looked intentional to me.

From The Daily Wire

“What we understand is that Ahmed lost control of his car or was confused while he was in his car. That was all it took to have a knee-jerk reaction for the car to jerk a little bit and immediately cause the soldiers to open fire on him multiple times,” Noura said.

Israeli police released video of the incident a day after it happened. The security footage shows Ahmad’s vehicle proceeding slowly through the checkpoint before he accelerates, swerves, and strikes a female boarder guard, knocking her flying several feet. Ahmad then jumps out of his car and runs several steps before falling as other border guards shoot him. It is unclear when the border guards began firing their weapons or how many shots were fired.

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