Rudy: It Wasn't Just Hunter Being Investigated, It Was Joe Too

Rudy Giuliani told Glenn Beck that Viktor Shokin gave him prosecutorial documents that show that the top Ukrainian prosecutor was investigating Joe Biden in his corruption probe. Joe Biden got Shokin fired after he refused to drop the investigation.Now, Rudy says he will be releasing the evidence over the next couple of weeks so the American people can see for themselves.

Rudy Giuliani: Corrupt media hindering investigation into Biden corruption

Rudy Giuliani joined the program to expose new evidence pointing toward an investigation into Joe Biden for and how the media is hindering the release of information.

Posted by Glenn Beck on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rudy said:

"Shokin can prove he was investigating Biden and his son. And I now have the prosecutorial documents that show, all during that period of time, not only was Hunter Biden under investigation -- Joe Biden was under investigation, It wasn't just Hunter."

Joe Biden's son Hunter became a member of the board at Burisma Holdings and getting paid as much as $83,333 a month by some estimates. And this just months after he was kicked out of the military for drug abuse and in spite of the fact that he had no knowledge of the Ukraine or the energy field. In other words the only thing Hunter Biden brought to the table was his daddy Joe.

From The Western Journal

“I started investigating Biden two years ago,” when there was at best a vague expectation of a Biden 2020 candidacy, Giuliani said. “It looked to me like he couldn’t cross the street, much less run.”

During the interview, Giuliani said he can prove there was a “Biden bribe” and that the head of Burisma Holdings — the energy company that hired Hunter Biden — “was buying Joe Biden to protect his company.”

Giuliani traced what he said was a timeline that showed the extent of Ukrainian efforts to investigate Burisma — efforts that he said were cut short when the prosecutor was dismissed.

During the segment, the show’s hosts asked Giuliani about his methods in uncovering the evidence Giuliani said he has amassed.

“They way I approached it has benefitted the American people,” he said.

“When the vice president of the United States corrupts the president of another country, that is about as horrendous a crime as you can find,” Giuliani said.

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