Supreme Court Denies Request to Halt Construction of the Border Wall

For the second time, the US Supreme Court stopped lower court rulings that President Trump must discontinue to build the border wall. The court said that the plaintiffs provided no constitutional violations that would allow the court to rule in their favor. The four liberal judges voted against it anyway because the law matters not to them.

I would not be surprised to find out all four liberal justices have wall signs that say, "It's the ideology, stupid." They aren't judges, they are acticvists. If there is one main reason why Trump must be reelected it's the appointment of Supreme Court justices.

The Trump administration are now able to continue building the border wall, which has been most effective. and if the Republicans retake the House, they can provide enough funding to complete the wall without a single Democratic vote.

In June, SCOTUS refused to hear a case that challenged the 1996 law that gave that gave the president authority to illegal immigration and border protection. The law also limited legal challenges against the law. The court refused to even look at the case because they felt it was cut and dry.

From Fox News

The coalition claimed that the Trump administration did not conduct sufficient environmental impact studies for the construction and that endangered species like the jaguar and Mexican wolf would be adversely affected by the barrier.

They had asserted in their case that the law’s allowance for the secretary of Homeland Security to waive any laws necessary to allow the quick construction of border fencing violates the Constitution’s separation of powers. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals had dismissed the case, citing a prior case from 2007 with "a nearly identical context."


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