Supreme Court Slams the door on Texas Democrats Attempt to Commit Mail In Voter Fraud

The Supreme Court has slapped down the Democrats in Texas that tried to open up mail in voting for all. They asked the court to fast track their request but they were denied. They could get heard in August but by time a decision is reached it will be too late for November's election. There hasn't been a case of mail in voter fraud in Texas since the last election in 2018 when 9 people were arrested for their crimes.

Mail in voting has created some controversy this year as well. In Paterson, NY 19% of all votes were fraudulent and would have changed the results in three elections. Four Democrats were arrested and charged with crimes pertaining to voter fraud. You know it's getting bad when they try cheat against members of their own party. That should give you an idea of what they would do against Republicans.

Democrats are also fond of extending the deadline for getting your votes turned in. It lets them know just how many votes they need to manufacture to win. Democrats cannot win statewide elections in Texas, so they have been looking for alternative ways to win and cheating seems to be their best option.

From The Epoch Times

In May, the Supreme Court ruled that a that “a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19” is not a physical disability that qualifies people to vote by mail. The decision by the Supreme Court this week means the state’s current regulations for the upcoming July 14 primary runoff election will remain in place.

The ruling comes just a week after the Supreme Court also declined to immediately reinstate a federal judge’s order that would immediately expand voting by mail to all Texas voters during the coronavirus pandemic.

A spokesperson for the Texas Democratic Party, Abhi Rahman, said the party will “continue to fight tooth and nail for everybody’s right to vote,” and that “all Texans should have clarity on how they can cast their ballot in the November elections.”

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