Surveillance Video of Ambush Shooting of LA Sheriff Deputies Released (Shooter Looks Like a Child!)

Surveillance video of the ambush shooting of two police officers in Compton, California has been released by the LA police and it shows the assailant shooting the two officers. He snuck up on the passenger side and started firing then he ran away. He was not even as tall as the roof of the car, causing speculation that the shooter was a child.

Both officers underwent delicate surgery and both are in critical condition. It is not known yet if either will survive. Both were shot multiple times in the head.


From The Gateway Pundit

“NEW: LASD announces both deputies are in fact, still alive. 14 homicide detectives are on scene. Very generic suspect description of a dark skinned male, per one of the deputies. Video was from a fish eye lens which potentially distorts suspect’s height…NEW: Sheriff Villanueva says one deputy is a 31 year old mom of a 6 year old boy, other is 24 year old male. Says both deputies are out of surgery with multiple gun shot wounds & critical. Says this is now a growing trend of police being targeted in current climate.”


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