The Real Bad Guys in the Epstein Case Uncovered – DIRECTOR ROBERT MUELLER’S FBI!

The court ordered all of the information from the 2008 case against Jeffrey Epstein were released last night and although Bill Clinton was the biggest name mentioned, the real bad guy appears to be Robert Mueller who did nothing to the co-defendants and appears to have covered up possibly for some of the would be defendants.

Techno Fog on Twitter was one of the first to review the documents. He noted that the scandal was international.


We reported over a year ago that:

Newly uncovered documents from pedophile multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case in Florida show that corrupt former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey worked with the attorney that stepped in at the last minute to hide the identity of someone powerful and rich involved in the case.

We also reported over a year ago that a mother of one of the victims singled out Mueller for ignoring her calls for help.

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