‘The View’ Co-Host Loses it When Confronted With Obama History on Gassing Migrants: ‘I Don’t Care!’

It is a rare moment indeed when View co-host Sonny Hostin tells the truth or when her fellow liberal panelists call her out for her hypocrisy but both happened on Friday. Hostin complained about President Trump's Border Patrol's past use of tear gas against illegal migrants trying to crash the border. Hostin lost it when it was pointed out that during his 8 years in office, Obama averaged a tear gassing at a rate of once a month.

Hostin barked "I don't care when it was pointed out that Obama gassed the illegals much more often than Trump. In other words she was openly admitting that she is a hypocrite and if you don't like it, it's just tough. Even Whoopi Goldberg took her to task over her excusing the same behavior committed by Obama that she was criticizing Trump for. The same holds true in the kids in cages and the separation of children from their families.

JOY BEHAR: "Do they have a photo like that when Obama was in office?" 

MEGHAN McCAIN: "Homeland Security data does validate that, that it happened multiple times — more than once a month, in fact — during the Obama years."

ABBY HUNTSMAN: "In that piece, it said over a period of four months in 2014 under the Obama years, HHS allegedly placed a number of unaccompanied children into the hands of a ring of human traffickers, who forced [the children] to work on egg farms in and around Ohio, leading to a federal and criminal indictment."

"According to the indictment, the minor victims were forced to work six and seven days a week, 12 hours per day. These are the things we don't talk about."

From The Blaze

That's when Hostin lost her patience.

"The last I checked, President Obama is no longer in office!" she said. "This 'but Obama' defense doesn't work for me. ... President Trump is in office! ... I don't care what Obama did! I care what Trump is doing right here, right now!"

McCain shot back, "[I]f you’re infuriated now, you should’ve been infuriated then."

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