“This is Not Seattle – We’re Not Putting Up with This Lawlessness Here” – Oklahoma DA Charges Protesters with Terrorism, Rioting and Assault

BLM rioters are wishing that they had stayed in a blue state with a Democratic mayor after Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater warned them,  “This is not Seattle. We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.” There are no dropped or reduced charges in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Instead, charges filed against the rioters include terrorism, rioting and assault. These charges carry years in prison upon conviction.

This must be a huge shock to their system after they found they could get away with murder in other cities such as St Louis, Portland and Seattle. For burning down a business they would be jailed for 18 minutes with no hope for parole until ,after they served 23 seconds if they were brought up on charges at all. And there is no ticker tape parade like the Democrats keep tossing for them.

The ACLU says that DA Prater has overcharged the defendants.  Tell that to business owners who were looted or had their buildings set on fire or otherwise vandalized.

it’s bad enough that some cities tolerate large scale riots in their cities and even more so in cities like Seattle with Mayor Jenny Durkan that called CHAZ a block party and even encouraged them until four people were shot in just 3 days inside a six square block occupied zone.

The Oklahoman reported:

Protesters blamed for the violence that broke out in Oklahoma City the last weekend in May were charged Friday with terrorism, rioting and assault.

If convicted of the felony offenses, they could be sentenced to years in prison.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater made the decisions himself on the charges in a get-tough approach meant to deter others from going too far during protests in the future.

“This is not Seattle,” Prater said Friday. “We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

Also charged Friday were five defendants identified as involved in the painting of murals in downtown Oklahoma City this week. They are accused in an incitement to riot charge of interfering with a police sergeant who was trying to take a homicide witness for an interview at police headquarters Tuesday.

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