Tim Scott Explains Why He Believes Trump Is Not ‘A Racist President’

During an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” host Brian Kilmeade  was interviewing SC Sen Tim Scott and he asked him about the narrative that President Trump is a racist. Sen Scott dismissed the notion out of hand and began to rattle off the good things Trump has done for the Black community. Things that the Democrats continually promised election after election but never made an effort to actually accomplish any of them.

Scott said:

“Brian, let me say this first. A racist president does not provide the highest funding for HBCUs [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] in the history of the country and he certainly does not make that funding permanent.”

“A racist president does not take Opportunity Zones and provide up to $75 billion of private-sector dollars for the most distressed people in the country. A racist president simply does not create 7 million jobs and make sure two-thirds of those jobs go to African-Americans, Hispanics, and women.”

Scott went on to say:

A racist would never talk about criminal justice reform and how the benefits disproportionately help African-American men. President Trump signed that legislation into law. You would never hear a racist talk about Opportunity Zones and how he came on board full throttle because he wanted to help poor, disadvantaged communities, most of them were consistently African-American and Hispanic communities.

You would not ever hear a racist — never would you hear a racist talk about providing more research authority, and more resources towards the sickle cell anemia, a disease that impacts disproportionately African Americans in this country. And yet President Trump signed that legislation.

If a "bigoted president can do all of these things why can't the "woke" Democrats do a singler thing for the Black community in the last 40 years?

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