Top Democrats Join Iranian Regime in Condemning Historic Peace Deal Between Israel and UAE

Top Democrats Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Obama Security Advisor Ben Rhodes joined Iran and Turkey in condemning the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I find it easy to believe that Iran and Turkey would not like anyone being at peace with Israel. On the mother hand when it comes to Ben Rhodes and Rashida Tlaib, well, I find it even easier.

To say that Obama treated Israel more like an enemy than an ally, would be an understatement. Only Jimmy Carter and US Grant were more anti-Jewish. And of course we all know how anti-Semitic Tlaib and the rest of the Squad are. And seeing them side with Iran is even less of a surprise. Rhodes was one of the architects of the ridiculous Iran deal and Tlaib's sympathies lie with Iran naturally.


The Jerusalem Post reported:

Iran’s regime has led the charge in opposing bilateral peaceful relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. It has been joined by Turkey, which threatened to sever relations with Abu Dhabi, and a few other voices, such as former deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, who played a role in the Obama administration.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s head of the judiciary, slammed the UAE deal on Saturday. He said US influence in the region was weakening in the face of the power of Iran’s “Islamic system” and that “the UAE has got in touch with the child killers,” a reference to Israel. “We do not consider the link between UAE and Israel as a link with the people of the UAE, only the ignorant rulers of the country.”

Iran highlighted Palestinian opposition to the UAE agreement, showing photos of Palestinians insulting the crown prince of the UAE and saying, “the road to Jerusalem is paved with the blood of our martyrs.”

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