TRUMP: "No, Because a Lot of People Cheat with Mail-in Voting!" - When Asked About Democrats' Dream of Mail-in Voting

Partisan hack Jon Karl from ABC News asked President Trump why we don't switch to all mail in ballots. It was a direct question and President Trump gave him a straight answer, because the Democrats cheat and mail in ballots are the easiest way to commit voter fraud. The Democrats figure that if they don't win at the ballot box, they can always win at the mailbox.

Jonathan White, an assistant attorney general with the Criminal Prosecutions division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office testified before the Texas Legislature on the matter of mail in ballots. He testified that the most prevalent form of voter fraud in Texas is the mail in ballot.

White Said:

“What hasn’t changed is that voter fraud is a big problem in South Texas and across the state. I don’t think it’s fair to insinuate that the majority of election fraud takes place in South Texas, because that’s not the case.

“That’s one thing that has changed. We know that now. We are also talking about mail-in ballot fraud as a real problem, and we’ve addressed it legislatively. Those are things that have changed in the last couple of years, because prior to that the narrative was that these things aren’t really happening. The reality of it was that it was probably a well-kept secret, a dirty little secret of certain political communities. …

“It is by far the biggest problem that we see across the state – mail ballot fraud – it still is. It’s the wild West of voter fraud. It’s a problem that we’ve addressed, but there’s still more work to do.”

From The Texas Scorecard

Both mail ballot fraud and illegal voting by ineligible voters are problems in Starr County, District Attorney Omar Escobar testified at the hearing. Escobar, a Democrat, is the DA for Starr, Duval, and Jim Hogg counties in South Texas.

“We need to make sure that the right to vote is protected. But we need to make sure that it’s the voter’s vote, not somebody else’s vote,” Escobar began. “I think we can all agree on that. There’s nothing controversial about that.”

Escobar told lawmakers that an ongoing federal lawsuit over the county’s voter rolls revealed people registered to vote and actually casting ballots in Starr County who shouldn’t be: non-citizens, deceased voters, and felons. The discoveries prompted Escobar to launch a voter fraud investigation that so far has resulted in seven arrests.

Three of those arrested are politiqueras, campaign workers who harvest mail ballots on behalf of candidates. One allegedly submitted a mail ballot application in the name of a deceased voter. Two are accused of falsifying mail ballot applications by marking voters as having a disability who aren’t disabled.

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