Trump Says Biden Should Give Cognitive Test ‘A Try’ After He ‘Aced’ It

Joe Biden says he is taking regular cognitive tests and that he he forgets. This brings to mind two interesting questions. Why is he getting regular tests and if indeed he has passed them, why does he refuse to release the results like President Trump has? You wouldn't think he would want to prove to everyone that he does not suffer from dementia.

A recent poll shows that 40% thinks Biden suffers from dementia, including 20% of the Democratic voters. Sixty percent of Republican voters say he has dementia. Biden has not even been able to recite a one sentence message when it is written on a piece of paper right in front of him. He has gone into hiding so that he does not make multiple gaffes on a daily basis. But in the three debates he will be at Trump's mercy. He can no longer think on his feet.

President Trump challenged Biden to take the same test he had aced but Biden will never accept because he would then have to release the results. How can a man who doesn't know what city he is in or what office he is running for be able to run this country? Schumer and Pelosi would end up being the power behind the throne. The only thing Biden would have to do is find very young girls with really good smelling hair.

From The Daily Caller

The 77-year-old Biden has faced questions about his cognitive capabilities throughout his campaign. Nearly 40% of likely voters, including 20% of Democrats and 60% of Republicans, believe the former vice president is suffering from dementia, according to a poll published Monday by the conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports. 

A pro-Trump Super PAC released an advertisement in June openly speculating on Biden’s mental health.

“Is Joe Biden in mental decline? Does Joe Biden have dementia?” the advertisement asks. “In a world losing its mind, we don’t need a president who’s already lost his.”

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