VIDEO: Cruz Rips Pelosi To Shreds on Senate Floor , ‘What The Hell Does a Windmill Have To Do With This Crisis’

Ted Cruz blasted Nancy Pelosi and her DTMNBN bill that is a veritable treasure trove of gifts for those who worship socialism and the nanny state. Ted Cruz asked "What the hell does a windmill have to do with this crises?" That about sums up the bill the House Democrats are pushing.


From National File

Provisions for early voting and same-day voter registration, which have been partisan talking points for the Democratic Party for decades, are also included in the bill:



Several of the most ludicrous proposals are located near the end, including demands that airlines “provide passengers with information regarding greenhouse gas emissions resulting from each individual flight.”

“You know what families who can’t work and are struggling to make rent really care about? Being able to look up greenhouse gas emissions from the flights they can’t afford to book,” Bovard said.



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