Wealthy NYC Woman, 20, Faces 4 Years in Prison for Participating in Antifa-Linked Protest That Caused $100K in Damages

Clara Kraebber is an undergraduate student at Rice University, which has a tuition of nearly $70,000.  She has been arrested for rioting in NYC and now faces up to four years in prison for vandalizing businesses. She lives in Manhattan with her parents in a $1.8 million dollar apartment. Her parents also owns a home in Connecticut with four fireplaces. She is the epitome of White Privilege.

She has been demonstrating ever since she was 14, when she marched in the Michael Brown hoax.  She is a member of the Young Democrats at Rice where she campaigned for Beto O'Rourke when he tried to unseat Ted Cruz. She seems to have a knack for picking losers.

Kraebber and her fellow antifa dress in all black and went on a window breaking rampage, causing 100,000 in damages.  Eight people all told were arrested and charged with rioting. One of them was also facing weapon charges. Mommy and daddy will likely shell out whatever they have to in order to save her from prison.


From The Blaze

Friday's protest was organized by the "New Afrikan Black Panther Party," a self-described "revolutionary faction under the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism," and the "Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement," that assists "revolutionaries, social centers, and antifa groups that are already active can help build greater infrastructure of resistance to support those fleeing the state."

The mob, dressed in all black, chanted, "Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!" The demonstrators also carried banners that read: "Death to America" and "Free All Prisoners." According to police, the vandals spray-painted graffiti that said: "Abolition."


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