Woman Stabs Police Officer and Fellow Driver After Accident, Ends Up Dead

A police officer pulled up to a cars that had just had an accident. As he approached the drivers, one of them, a woman stabbed the officer in the shoulder, with a non life threatening injury. The officer backed off to put distance between himself and the woman with the knife. The woman then turned to the other driver and began stabbing her multiple times.

The officer could see that the incident was about to become fatal if he did not act, so he pulled out his gun and shot the assailant dead. Originally, it was believed that it was a road rage incident until the police determined the car she was driving was stolen. That complicated things and so it could have been road rage or she could have been wanting to escape.

Plano Police Department spokesman David Tilley said:

“The officer does not appear to have life-threatening injuries. It’s difficult when one of your co-workers is in the process of trying to help someone and becomes a victim.”

From Big League Politics

Originally, the officer pulled up to a car accident right after it occurred. The officer approached one of the cars and was suddenly stabbed by the driver — a woman. The officer was stabbed in the shoulder area.

He immediately pulled back to separate himself from the woman and her weapon.

As the officer retreated, the woman began stabbing the other car driver multiple times.

Recognizing that the situation was about to turn deadly, the officer immediately shot the woman and killer her.

The police are still investigating the motive of the attack, which they believe to be a road rage incident.

However, the plot thickened when police revealed that the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle.

The police department and the Collin County District Attorney’s Office are currently investigating the shooting.

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