Anti-CRT, Gender Theory Candidates Take The Win On School Boards In Texas

Many candidates who have based their campaigns on the opposition of woke ideology such as Critical Race Theory, gender fluidity, and social-emotional learning have managed to dominate the races for school board seats throughout suburban Dallas-Fort Worth areas, all fueled in part by aid from one Christian cellphone carrier.

These races, which are normally very quiet and non-partisan, were quite a spectacle this year because of anger at the insanely left-wing curricula and COVID-19 making requirements, all along with $500,000 in donations to a PAC that is pro-parent from Patriot Mobile, which is a Grapevine, Texas-based mobile phone company that orients itself to deal with Christian Conservatives. The candidates that are backed by Patriot managed to cleanly sweep their way through the school board races that took place in Tarrant County, which is a heavily populated urban region that hold Fort Worth.

"Conservatives won school board elections across Texas," stated Governor Greg Abbott in a post on Twitter. "Parents are more involved and active in school elections and school policies than ever before. No one cares more about children than their parents. The power of parents will continue to expand in Texas."

Officials in charge of the PAC, named Patriot Mobile Action, seem keen on taking the message, and their financial support, out to the school board elections that are taking place outside the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth.

"Patriot Mobile Action is a new entity created to put Christian conservative values into action," stated a recent release from Leigh Wambsganss, a spokesperson for Patriot Mobile. "We will take action in supporting organizations and candidates that exemplify these values."

The winning candidates for quite a few races that were held Saturday also seemed to have the support of True Texas Project, a conservative group that seemed to come to formation due to the Tea Party Movement.

In the area of Tarrant County, which is an area that includes Fort Worth and sports a population of well over 2 million, the various conservative candidates took the victory at 10 of the currently available 11 seats. The county includes the school districts of Grapevine-Colleyville, Keller, and Mansfield. Currently, Tarrant County has an almost 30% Hispanic population and is the 15th largest county in the country. Back during the elections in 2020, it was tipped for President Biden.

Quite a few of those parents seem to have turned their backs on the ever-increasingly leftist curriculum that is plaguing public schools.

"What parents discovered was that their children were being told that their 'gender identity' has nothing to do with biological reality, that White people are inherently racist and inferior, that Blacks are chronic victims of racism and can never rise above that, and that America is an evil country that has exploited racial and sexual minorities across the world for centuries," stated Andrea Widburg with the American Thinker.


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