Biden's Overall Response To Baby Formula Crisis Has Been Horrendous

Recent events seem to have made it quite clear that communications throughout the administration of President Joe Biden are not being handled well. This has been made quite evident recently as the president of the United States quite recently bungled the name of the  Food and Drug Administration in a pre-recorded speech concerning the crisis in the supply of baby formula as he tries, and fails, to give the public a sense of confidence and assuredness in regards to a possible solution.

Howie Carr, a well-known legend in Boston radio, brought attention to the mistake, tweeting, "In a PRE-TAPED segment, Brandon misidentifies the Food and Drug Administration as the ‘Federal’ Drug Administration."

Biden was taking time to announce, "The FDA will allow formula from outside the US to be safely imported, which will quickly increase supply."

As Carr continued on with his comments, seemingly in evident disbelief, not only did no one on the president's team care enough to catch or fix the mistake, "they put the misidentification in the chyrons!"

This does seem like a minor mistake, but amidst the intense back and forth going on between the various administration team members as to when Biden's personal team discovered the issue, who in particular is to blame for this baby formula crisis, and how they intend to try and deal with it-- the constant mistakes and evident lack of communication speaks volumes.

As an example, it was implied by Biden this past Friday that the shortage we are going through with baby formula was a hard thing to see coming. His administration needed to have "better mind readers" and was only dealing with questions about the issue because it was "all of a sudden" font and center in the news.

Over three days ago, his Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra stated that the FDA (again, that’s Food and Drug, not Federal Drug) has taken steps to ensure that he was well inform4ed of the issue on the horizon since early "last year."

In the same vein, another official within the administration, who wished to remain anonymous, stated to reporters this past Monday, "I can assure you that this is not new to the White House’s radar. We have been working on this issue since the very beginning, in the days leading up to the recall and ever since then."

In the wake of that statement, the emergency website fiasco from the administration seems to be just a super ineffective bandaid that was even worse than originally thought.

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