Undocumented Person Accused in the Deaths of 18 Elderly People

46-year-old Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya has been under arrest, accused of killing 12 elderly women. He has now been charged with the killing of six additional elderly people, bringing the body count to 18.

Chemirmir is exactly the type of person the Democratic party has been advocating for because as we all know, illegal aliens are the best and brightest we have. Chemirmir worked as a home healthcare worker and his victims were his patients.

He arrived in the United States on a tourist visa and just never left.

The six alleged elderly victims named in the lawsuit include:

  • 82-year-old Joyce Abramowitz
  • 87-year-old Glenna Day
  • 86-year-old Margaret White
  • 89-year-old Solomon Spring
  • 83-year-old Leah Corken
  • 83-year-old Juanita Purdy

From Breitbart News

Dallas Morning News’ Charles Scudder reports:

Authorities believe the previously identified victims were smothered with a pillow while alone in their apartments or homes. The suits say the five new alleged female victims at The Tradition-Prestonwood died under similar circumstances. [Emphasis added]

The one man, Solomon Spring, was found in a pool of blood. According to the lawsuit filed in his death, the complex suggested Spring had fallen and hit his head. [Emphasis added]

Chemirmir hasn’t been charged in connection with the latest allegations, but the lawsuits say police have told the families that cellphone evidence connects him to the cases. [Emphasis added]

Chemirmir was originally charged with the murder of 81-year-old Lu Thi Harris in March 2018. Last month, the illegal alien was charged with murdering another 11 elderly women between the ages of 76 and 94-years-old while he was working as a home healthcareworker.

Breitbart News exclusively reported that Chemirmir first arrived in the U.S. on a B-2 visa — commonly known as a tourist visa — in July 2003. Though Chemirmir was supposed to only temporarily be in the U.S., he overstayed his visa and became an illegal alien who was eligible for deportation.

Rather than being deported, Chemirmir was able to use a loophole in the country’s legal immigration system that allowed him to obtain a green card after marrying a U.S. citizen.


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