U.S. Planning To Send New 'Suicide Drones' To Ukrainian Forces

Reportedly, the Biden administration is planning to send over a hundred brand-new secretive suicide drones to the Ukrainian forces as the Russian invasion forces have been exposed in the wake of regrouping out in the eastern part of the country.

The drone in question, the Phoenix Ghost, was designed by the U.S. Air Force and manufactured by Aevex Aerospace and is built to hang out quietly in the skies over Ukraine and search for enemy units to target and will then engage by flying at and slamming into the confirmed target resulting in the detonation of an explosive warhead inside the body of the drone.

"Analysts speculate that it is a comparatively small weapon that could be hard to see against the cloud cover that shrouds much of Ukraine in late April and in May," read a report from the San Diego Union-Tribune. "The vehicle’s specific size, shape, payloads and capabilities haven’t be disclosed. Nor has any one explained the origin of the drone’s name."

The chief spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby, stated that this new system was primarily designed to "largely, but not exclusively, to attack targets."

"It can also be used to give you a site picture of what it is seeing, of course. But it’s principal focus is attack," stated Kirby. "Its purpose is akin to that of the Switchblade, which we have been talking about in the past, which is basically a one-way drone and attack drone. And that’s essentially what this is designed to do."

It was reported by CNN just last week that the drone was originally developed by the U.S. Air Force with the specific needs of the Ukrainian military in mind.

"The Pentagon [is] saying it was developed by the U.S. Air Force for Ukrainians’ specific needs in this area," claimed Barbara Starr with CNN last week. "Similar to the Switchblade drone that they are sending, this means it is a drone, classified project because they’re not telling us what it is, but possibly has both anti-tank, anti-personnel capabilities, developed by the U.S. Air Force, again, for specific Ukrainian needs. And I emphasize this because when we looked up the company that the Pentagon said was developing this drone for Ukraine, it is a U.S. contractor that does work for U.S. Special Operations, specifically for Covert U.S. Special Operations units. This can — may now be the second classified weapons system the U.S. is giving Ukraine."

This sending of around 121 Pheonix Ghost drones into Ukraine takes place alongside an even more significate military hardware shipment coming from the U.S. that has hopes of staving off Russia's invasion plans.

"The United States alone already has promised [Ukraine President Volodymyr] Zelensky nearly 190,000 artillery rounds, plus 90 howitzers to fire them," stated a report from the Washington Post. "As of Thursday, more than half had arrived in Ukraine, said a senior U.S. defense official who, like some others, spoke on the condition of anonymity under ground rules set by the administration."


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