PETA Asks The Public for Reasons to Eat Bacon

PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has long been a centerpiece for controversy. With alluring ads, and theories about how they actually euthanize animals, and so much more. But nothing has stopped them or even, really, slowed them down. And their recent stunt is made all the more hilarious thanks to the age of Social Media.

PETA decided to take to their Twitter account ask people a pretty basic question... Why eat bacon?

And what followed... well... they were sorta asking for the trolls, weren't they?

PETA tried firing back, to no avail:

And the punches kept coming!

And even some vegans coming to the defense of others...

It goes on and on, my friends... it was well worth my time curating a few of these tweets for you. Feel free to hit up their Twitter and start chiming in!

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