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According to a report Monday by WTXF-TV, Koeberle Bull of Lumberton, New Jersey, received a very disturbing message from a man she didn’t know.  “There’s no such thing as white privileged you f***ing autistic f***. I hope your b—- children gets hung for you being so stupid. … Act your race.” – disgusting… Apparently, the man is …

Mad Max is at it again. She just can’t stop demanding people FIGHT. And in this climate, with all the hate and violence against Trump supporters, it’s irresponsible and dangerous for her to be using the type of rhetoric she does, especially after her previous calls to attack Trump supporters. This time, Waters was inciting …

For those of you who were relieved when Obama was forced out of the White House, don’t believe for a second that the tragic failures of the Obama administration are over. It lives in the Deep State.

It is no accident that all of these people trying to infiltrate Trump’s campaign or to smear his campaign workers are informants of the FBI and the DOJ. Time to drain those two swamps.

Doesn’t it seem funny that all the witnesses, spies and lawyers are pro-Hillary?