Oklahoma Hospital Closes, Medical Workers Laid Off Due to Lack of Patients

Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City closed down all operations except emergency, radiology, and ambulatory infusion after they were forced to close the rest of the hospital due to lack of patients. This is exactly why the one size fits all rules that Democrats wish to adopt is just another in a long line of bad policy.   the numbers coming from WHO, the CDC and Dr Fauci have all been many multiples higher than they should have been.

In the case of Integris Baptist Hospital, their undoing was the cancelling of all elective surgeries on the assumption that the country did not have enough hospital beds to cover their needs. Even in New York, the epicenter of the disease, the numbers were many times what was needed. Andrew Cuomo said that New Yorkers would die because President Trump did not send him 30 thousand ventilators.

New York in fact needed less than the 4000 ventilators President Trump sent them.  The same holds true in the number of beds needed. Much of that number can be explained by actions from our president. He fearlessly issued travel bans from countries with a high rate of corona virus. President in fact saved countless thousands of lives.

From The Blaze

Integris Baptist Medical Center in Oklahoma City closed down all operations except emergency, radiology, and ambulatory infusion. The hospital has experienced a 50% drop in revenues since procedures deemed nonessential by the government have been halted.

Oklahoma, like many states, has enacted a policy of temporarily banning nonessential medical procedures in an effort to preserve resources, especially personal protective equipment such as masks. In states without an overwhelming COVID-19 outbreak, some hospitals are seeing very little activity.

A spokeswoman for Integris said direct personal caregivers will be transferred to a larger hospital in the city, while non-direct patient care staff will be furloughed until the hospital reopens.

Furloughed workers won't receive pay, although they will have access to benefits. They can be paid for the time they're unable to work if they use their paid time off, and they will be allowed to use 80 more hours than they've actually accrued. Still, for many workers, that won't go very far.


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