Pelosi Says She Will Include Federally Forced Mail-in Voting in Next Round of DTMNBN Aid (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi is planning a coup to take over the entire government by the Democrats. Green New Deal, here we come. She plans on changing the way we vote in order for them to commit wide spread voter fraud across the country by forcing all of the states to use mail in ballots only. It will allow vote harvesting which is currently illegal in 49 states and for a good reason.

It will also ban every state from implementing voter ID laws and would forbid states from purging the voter rolls of the dead, those who register more than once, people who have moved out of state and the dead. In all it has been estimated that there are 24 million ineligible voters nationwide. This would swing every election in the country.

I'm surprised that she didn't add a clause that the ballots for the 24 million ineligible voter's ballots be sent directly to the DNC. She wants to spend 2 billion dollars to facilitate mail in balloting. Hey, let the DNC pay for their own stamps.

From The Gateway Pundit

Via the RNC — The Democrats’ plan for federally forced nationwide vote by mail, advocated for by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, where states would send a ballot to every registered voter, including inactive voters, creates a massive opportunity for voter fraud.

And the Democrats’ push to expand nationwide ballot harvesting undercuts any claims that the changes Democrats want to make to voting are due to concerns about public health and making voting safer.

Bottom Line: Republicans are committed to protecting the integrity of the ballot box, while being flexible to ensure no one is disenfranchised because of this crisis. Election procedures should be handled at the state level, not by Nancy Pelosi. And we trust states to be able to figure out what is best for the health of their people while ensuring ballot security. Meanwhile, from using the coronavirus to advance their far left policy agenda to undermining democracy with their voting plan, Democrats are politicizing the pandemic to try to achieve their political goals.

For more on the RNC’s efforts to combat the Democrats’ attempt to undermine the integrity of our elections, click here to read Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel’s op ed.

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